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The Covid pandemic has been the highest visible priority for the past two years. However, other health care problems in Latvia have not disappeared and have probably even become topical. Thanks to the legislators, special funds are allocated for the treatment of oncology patients in the coming years. However, significant additional investment is also needed in the field of oncology to ensure that patients are treated to a comparable quality to those of neighboring countries, Lithuania and Estonia. Unfortunately, Latvia still has a high rate of premature mortality, which is higher than the survival rate with neighboring countries.

Systemic action is needed to improve this key indicator of quality of life.

The biggest causes of premature death are cardiovascular diseases that are not treated in time, as well as oncology and diabetes. In the autumn, the government will continue to discuss public health guidelines for the coming years (2021-2027), when the Cabinet of Ministers will adopt it as the main health policy framework document. We will be able to assess what goals health policy makers want to achieve over the next 7 years.

Working in the interests of our customers, we strive to ensure that policy documents set the most appropriate goals for patients and that they are adequately funded.


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