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The new Saeima and the government must urgently address the further resolution of the complex of energy issues.

It can be agreed that the level of concern and fear in society is increasing, the uncertainty is "global", but important frameworks and contours are also visible.In the latest versions of the "Delfi" portal, Armands Gūtmanis, chairman of the board of the association "Latvijas klimata netralitātės klusteris", and Jānis Irbe, Latvian Renewable Energy Federation, provide a view of the role of renewable resources, the new European Union goals for reducing emissions and the use of renewable energy resources, and Latvia's opportunities.

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Hydroelectric plants, state support for wind and solar energy production, capacity of Latvian biofuel producers capable of producing 10% of Latvia's diesel fuel consumption - these are good prerequisites for increasing Latvia's energy independence from imported energy resources, producing more energy from local resources, such as water,solar, wind, wood, biogas and biofuel.

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