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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

In mid-September, the European Parliament (EP) made a decision to support higher renewable resource goals - in 2030, 45% of the EU's energy resources must come from renewable energy resources.

The previously approved target was 40%. The EP also approved a new target for transport, namely that the share of renewable resources should reach 16%.Although the EP's vote is not yet a final decision, it is hard to imagine that the member states could not approve these goals under the conditions of the war in Ukraine. The EP also adopted more detailed decisions, such as effectively banning the production of biofuels from soy and palm oil raw materials, as their cultivation in remote regions of the world causes deforestation. Special EP decisions also affect shipping, aviation and other sectors.

The EU institutions continue to move forward in the so-called Green Deal, and the targets continue to increase.In Latvia, we still hear complaints from many companies about the supposedly "bad and wrong green course", which threatens to destroy the Latvian economy, and hopes that it might be possible to avoid meeting the goals of climate policy and the green course.Isn't that just self-deception?In negotiations with Latvian companies, Meta Advisory helps to develop an individual company sustainability plan and action model, which will allow to follow the goals of the green course and maintain the company's competitiveness.We remind you that relevant European funds are also available, which provide support for companies to improve sustainability.


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