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Webinar series “Digital Transformation”

On October 11, 2021, a live seminar on digital health was held on the Zoom platform –

“Digital transformation: how we will be treated in 5 years?”

organized by the business consulting company META Advisory Latvija in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in Latvia. This year, the digital transformation of the health sector in Covid-19 has seen an exponential growth due to extraordinary reasons. Many technological solutions that may be postponed in the future have already been completed and implemented.

Large funds are already being allocated for the introduction of digital health in Latvia, and their amount will increase. Other public institutions and treatment facilities, as well as private companies and patient representatives, need to be involved in the development of a comprehensive “digital health” system. Thus,

covering the entire “digital health ecosystem”,

it will be possible to create it as a tool that will serve for better patient service, more efficient planning of state budget investments.


• Māris Dreimanis, Consultant of the National Health Service, topic “Development of Digital Health”
• Andris Baumanis, General Practitioner, Head of the E-Health User Council, theme “E-Health Today and Tomorrow”
• Stella Lapiņa Chairman of the Board of JSC “Health Center Association” and SIA “Central Laboratory”, topic “Pilot project of the Health Center Association: high-quality doctor consultations in the regions”
• Andrē Ničmans (André Nitzschmann), SIA “DATAMED”External Consultant, Founder of the Digital Health Association, “Patients and their path to a common European health data space”

Moderator: Armands Gūtmanis, Meta Advisory Latvijā director

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