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How does the digital and COVID-19 era affect the cultural sector?

The digital sector is not only one of Europe’s most advanced priorities in the Union, but also the need for life in various industries and in the cultural sector as well. Latvian industry institutions – theater, concert halls, musical associations and other institutions – have been forced to switch to digital mode, although its hard for any digital solution to substitute the feel and emotions of attending live events physically.

Digital marketing is definitely a modern and effective tool for every institution in the cultural sector.

Analyzing the presence of Latvian cultural institutions in digital media, we can clearly see that cultural institutions are paying more and more attention to digital communication.

European Union funds will offer the opportunity to train staff in cultural institutions, including in digital skills.

In turn, analyzing the routes of tourists and travelers and the dynamics of spending money, one can see the need to create synergies between the opportunities offered by cultural and tourist attractions. Studies show that in cities where cultural events take place, there is also an increase in the number of tourists who make a significant economic contribution to the city as a whole. The cultural policy guidelines, which will soon be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, address both these and other issues.

The impact of the digital switchover on the industry was discussed at the seminar by experts:

  • Uldis Zariņš, valsts sekretāra vietnieks kultūrpolitikas jautājumos, Kultūras ministrija,
  • Dita Zemite, Head referent of Central Statistical Bureau ,
  • Līga Rubine un Gatis Sprūds, founders of the “Association of Culture & Entertainment Platforms”
  • Oskars Rumpēters, Kantar media client director
  • Marcis Gulbis, director of Latvian Event Forum

Seminar was moderated by Armands Gūtmanis, Meta Advisory director


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