European Funds

European Funds Sustainability & Digitalization

The priority fund for investment is the European Green Deal and increasing sustainability, digital transformation, of course, also the creation of new products and services in business, etc.c.

The autumn of 2021 is a period when the Latvian government, together with the entire European Union, is actively preparing for the investments of the new European Union funds.

The European Funds have the opportunity for any organization to receive support for its modernization.

We would like to start by analyzing the rules for obtaining European Union funds. A critical look at the fund rules can identify the conditions we would like to see changed. Relevant requests may be addressed to the responsible authorities.

We would then help the company clarify its business development plans and the compliance of these development plans with European funds. This would allow us to constructively help the company prepare for a successful investment from European Funds.

During the investment of the funds, we will provide support to the company with the preparation of the relevant reports and statements. In this way, we will help the company from the development of the idea to the submission of the report, which is an important prerequisite for the success of the project.

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