META expertise

Experience the confidence of saying
I have the META team working on that”

META is a management, public relations and public affairs consultancy since 2005. META is a member of FIPRA global lobbying network.

The image META Advisory has been used for more than 10 years jointly with Estonian and Lithuanian partners. META brings together experience from different economic sectors and strategic approach to achieving business goals of our clients.

Our service package is total communication – the ability to be everywhere without being annoying.

Every endeavor has a purpose.
Every activity has a message.
Every message has an impact.

We offer to do an in-depth analysis of companies or individuals needed to successfully identify the reputational, regulatory and policy risks of market participants.

What distinguishes a great from a mediocre company is not only technical knowledge, product features or know-how, but how successfully the company has managed to convey its message to a potential buyer and other stakeholders (employees, investors, partners, suppliers, etc.)

Event organisation is one of the most powerful ways how to deliver message to your target audience. Nowadays, the virus has made changes and transformed the way we communicate. Internet of things has dominated the possibility to meet in person, however it has also facilitated virtual presence and removed travelling borders and limitations.

We help our clients to advance their interests and influence decision making process in the government and Parliament. 

Sustainability means a holistic and long-term perspective on business risks, resilience, opportunities.

We are a member of the GRI Community and support the mission of GRI to empower decision makers everywhere, through GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and its multi-stakeholder network, to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world.

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