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Green Deal Webinars 2020

Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the European Union will continue to implement the Green Deal targets in all business sectors. Climate and environmental goals are ambitious, first and foremost in the transport, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. 

What opportunities and challenges will companies face and can expect from the political goals of the European Union and the Latvian Energy and Climate Plan for 2030? What should be included in a company’s sustainable strategy today? What is the motivation of the company to implement such a strategy?

In co-operation with the European Commission Representation in Latvia and the School of Business Administration RISEBA in 2020 and 2021 Meta Advisory organizes a series of green deal webinars,

the aim of which is a significant contribution of companies’ need for attention to strengthening sustainable business competitiveness.

List of topics covered in 2020

7 webinars during the period of June – December 2020 were organized. Total reach around 45000 viewers. The main audience were entrepreneurs (manufacturing, medium-large companies), building material manufacturers, real estate developers and managers, transport and freight companies, fuel companies, car and tire dealers, green organizations, large municipalities, planning regions, banks, universities, energy companies, business and legal consultants, ministries, deputies and others.

The goals of the European Union
“Green Course” and the Latvian
“Energy and Climate Plan” for 2030:
Risks and opportunities, support funds
and preconditions for obtaining them.
June 30
Smart City – Energy efficient and climate friendly housing policy  
what will change after the elections in Riga?
August 20
Sustainable, environment friendly transport
in Latvia in the climate protection and digital age.
Mobility, alternative fuels, taxes and EU funds as tools for sustainable transport.
September 11
Renovation wave and smart cities.
How to properly invest in modern buildings? 
Achieving the ideas of the European Green Course on buildings
must seek to make effective use of both
financial instruments and technological solutions,
including opportunities for change in human habits and digitalisation
October 2
European Green Course –
What changes are expected in municipalities?
October 23
RES – Renewable energy production in LatviaOctober 30
Climate- and citizen-friendly buildings
 What can be done?
November 13
Seminars in 2020

We invite you to participate in webinar series in 2021 and learn from the international expert experience “How to become more sustainable?” Best practice and international insights. Keep an eye on Meta Insights or contact the team!

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