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Fairer taxes as a source of funding for patient care

Both the Ministry of Health and the European Commission, have been indicating for quite many years that there are insufficient financial resources for patients of various diagnoses in the health care system in Latvia. Due to lack of money, it is not possible to pay for timely diagnostics, access to specialist doctors, effective medicines.

To address this problem, at least to some extent, we ran a campaign last year. The aim of the campaign was to call on both the public and politicians to support and make changes in tax legislation that would require all groups of employees to pay at least the minimum social security tax. This change in tax regimes would create additional money that could be spent on paying for effective medicines, for groups of patients with an acute need, such as oncology and rare diseases, and for other groups of patients.

Such a change in the tax system would also create a fairer tax regime by forcing all groups of employees to pay social security contributions.

In the campaign, we successively used various tools and communicative solutions, first of all we organized three conferences, where we invited a number of leading experts from Latvian Chamber of Commerce, Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, Bank of Latvia, business associations, RISEBA School of Art and Business and the Ministry of Finance.

We organized the coverage of these conferences in the leading Latvian media.

We created a campaign on social networks. We posted several video stories on several Facebook portals and profiles, where experts called for these changes to redirect money to treat patients and pay for medicines. The campaign reached almost 200,000 people on social media.

The campaign reached up to 200,000 people on social media.

Thirdly, we called on a number of representatives of patients’ associations to meet with Members of Parliament from various parties to express their support for these changes in the tax system. In total, almost 20 talks were held with deputies in 2 months time.

Changes were made in the tax system

Changes were made in the tax system. The campaign that we implemented was one of the support tools for making these changes in tax legislation.

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