Digital transformation

Aware of the growing importance of digital transformation in all areas of government and business, Meta Advisory Latvia, in cooperation with the Latvian Broadcasting Association, the Latvian Press Publishers Association and the Latvian Advertising Series, is organizing a live discussion on this topic.

digital tax

The European Union is currently developing a ‘digital tax’ solution, so Meta Advisory is organizing online seminars where rapporteurs and experts will discuss what will happen when the tax is introduced and to what extent it will fund the national cultures and media of the Member States. to what extent the European Commission or & nbsp; The European Parliament intends to support the media in the Member States, including, for example, through the Recovery and Sustainability Fund.

The importance of developing and deploying digital skills became even more acute in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many companies were unable to take advantage of digital opportunities effectively.

  • How to properly introduce new skills
  • What needs to be remembered during their implementation and
  • what are the goals of the digitalisation of organizations were discussed in a series of seminars.

A common vidion For institutions and companies

Representatives from different institutional and business segments shared the view that digitization must go hand in hand with a number of classical knowledge and skills, and that the importance of digital intelligence and security needs to be addressed in the process of technology adoption.

Importantly, the willingness to engage in the further development of digitization skills was evident among all participants in the workshop.

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