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Business Intelligence

For any company that wants to expand by acquiring a company or entering another country’s market, it is very important to know about the future situation in the regulation and market conditions of a particular field:

  • planned national tax policy,
  • legislative decisions affecting the field,
  • regulations not yet adopted, but which are already spoken out of the way, but which are not yet reflected in officially and publicly available documents, nor in the data provided by lawyers and analysts.

Such assistance, called business environment research, is provided by Meta Advisory Latvia. For example, reputation and risks may be visible and less visible: we specialize in research and assessment of hidden risks, including political ones.

One step ahead of official announcements

Another aspect is market relationships with suppliers, competitors and customers, which are becoming increasingly important today. These links need to be examined not only for money laundering, which is relatively easier to do, but also for other aspects that result from the overall picture of a supplier, competitor or business partner and help to make a more informed decision to buy or co-operate with local companies in the country. .

This service is a way to obtain additional information even without available contracts and other documents, as they do not highlight political, reputational, regulatory risks. These parameters are sometimes not given enough attention by the client, although they are essential in significant, large-scale transactions.

Assistance in risk assessment

Business environment research is provided to virtually all clients who need to know how politicians’ opinions are formed before they appear on official channels and in the media.

Today’s opinion may become a market-influencing tool tomorrow, but it may be too late for a company to make a decision tomorrow!

Traditionally, companies commission business research, which usually involves gathering all contracts and other legal information. Meta Advisory Latvia’s service is to keep your hand on the pulse of the industry, following trends that are not yet reflected in specific decisions and regulations, but may pose a greater risk in the future. This type of monitoring provides additional insight into political and market processes before strategic decisions are made.

Meta Advisory Latvia’s many years of experience and network of contacts in all government structures make it possible to effectively distinguish which trends may remain at the level of negotiations, but which will significantly affect the situation in the local market.

These types of services are included in our service package for practically every customer, either as a main service or as additional support, as they help a lot in business development.

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