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An online discussion “Content produced by Latvian media in Russian – Quo Vadis?”

On Thursday, July 15, from 12.00 to 13.30, META Advisory Latvia together with in cooperation with the Latvian Broadcasters’ Association organized an online discussion “Content produced by Latvian media in Russian – Quo Vadis?” on DELFI live stream platform.

The aim of the online discussion was to talk and discuss the content of Latvian media to an audience of Russian-speakers who use the Russian language on a daily basis using Russian media content. There have already been discussions about the amount of the state budget money to be invested in media content in Russian in Latvia. Opinions have been mixed and divided on whether there is a threat to media content.

Recently, access to several Russian television channels was blocked in Latvia, and several telecommunications companies have also stopped cooperating with representatives of Russian TV channels in order to reduce the amount of propaganda in the neighboring country in Latvia.

The current situation with the Russian-speaking viewer, which is watched and read by those for whom Russian is their mother tongue and means of daily communication, were discussed online. Also, if the media practice is correct and there is reason to worry about how valuable and to what extent the Latvian state and non-governmental institutions should devote special resources to this group of society.

Ieva Bērziņa (Latvian Defense Academy) and Mārtiņš Traubergs (representative of TNS Kantar) gave introductory presentations. Baiba Bļodniece, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Mindaugas Rakauskas, Executive Director of TV3 group Latvia, and Konstantīns Kuzikovs, Chairman of the Board of DELFI, were participants in the expert round table discussions.

The online discussion was moderated by Armands Gūtmanis, Founder and Director of META Advisory Latvia.

Video in Latvian language is available here:


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