Media policy in Latvia – what do we want?

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Media policy in Latvia – what do we want?

The importance of independent and strong media in our society has grown even more in recent years. It is therefore timely to discuss what kind of media policy we want for the coming years. The fact that the Ministry of Culture, which is responsible for the media sector, has been able to carry out many laudable tasks helps to put this discussion in a constructive way.

Most importantly, funding for the media support has multiplied.

It is now possible to focus on the discussion of media policy guidelines, which will be the main policy document for the coming years in the media sector. Gradually increasing the available funding is also one of the central challenges for the coming years.

It is equally important to find an optimal solution for Latvia’s media relations with global digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, etc. The third task will be to promote digital transformation in the Latvian media. It should be noted here that the Ministry of Culture has secured significant financial resources from European Union funds for this purpose.

The fourth task is to continue working on the responsibility of journalists and the media, to improve the institutions of the media ombudsman. In Latvia, the importance of the local media is especially important, recognizing that the contribution of journalists is vital in preserving and improving Latvian as a small language.

The next is a largely new challenge, namely that the Latvian media – especially the news services – must join the co-operation with the news services of other European Union countries. The institutions of the European Union are currently providing assistance for the establishment of international cooperation between the news service.

By feeling and receiving the support of state institutions, the Latvian media sector would be able to maintain the diversity of media opinions necessary for a democratic society.

The range of problems was discussed by experts at the seminar on December 13:

  • Nauris Puntulis, Minister of Culture,
  • Sarmīte Ēlerte, Adviser to the President,
  • Konstantīns Kuzikovs, Delfi Chairman of the Board,
  • Guntars Līcis, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Press Publishers Association,
  • Andris Ķēniņš, Director of the Latvian Broadcasting Association,
  • Ieva Meļķe, TV3 Group Member of the Board,
  • Gunta Līdaka, RSU doktor, media expert.

Seminar was moderated by Armands Gutmanis, META Advisory Latvia director.

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